In Finland, high-caliber knowhow, unique cohorts and registries for neuroscience research, biobanking, and infrastructure along with patients committed to participating in research, create an ideal research environment for medical and health technology companies. Neurocenter Finland acknowledges the individual needs of  various companies and provides services based on the one-stop shop principle.

Whether a start-up or a multinational corporation, Neurocenter Finland aims at promoting research and innovation activities tailored to each company’s needs.

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    Idea – The starting point of everything. Nurturing an idea and turning it into an innovation takes time, but is a rewarding process. It requires an exceptional cooperation network and experts. Neurocenter Finland is about to launch a “Find a Researcher” tool (due 06/2019), using which a company can map and contact experts and potential partners based in Finland, ranging from basic to clinical researchers.  Moreover, this website compiles and presents Finnish research institutes,  health care units and third-party actors, such as patient organizations.


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    Regulation of research – A challenge or an opportunity? In order to protect research subjects, Finland enforces strict regulations for clinical research. First, the research hypothesis is defined; then, before launching the research implementation, the company needs to apply for applicable permits and ethical committee approvals. Neurocenter Finland facilitates these approval processes by bringing together all key principles and procedures and clarifying them on this website.

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    Neurocenter Finland – One-Stop Shop for Cooperation. We sincerely hope that you will find this website useful for helping your idea grow into an innovation. It is our mission to assist you on the road to success. Nonetheless, we know that nothing beats human-to-human interaction. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, whether your question is big or small – let us solve it in cooperation!