Finnish neuroscience community is considered a reliable and wanted partner in the international fora. Universities and university hospitals that focus on neuroscience research, cooperate with the best ranked universities on the global level. Neurocenter Finland is dedicated to strengthen the existing connections and to build new connections and relations between international research consortia.

Find a researcher -tool serves the purpose of mapping international and national cooperation partners. The search tool shall include the field of expertise, methods and international academic publications of each and every researcher.

Establishment of Neurocenter Finland among other centers of excellence, is part of a governmental attempt to support the international cooperation. One of the common goals is to promote the development of personalized medicine. The unique registers and cohorts in Finland, turn Finland into an internationally interesting environment for research and product development. Finnish Biobanks Cooperation FINBB is a member of the European BBMRI-ERIC network. FINBB will be a one-stop shop to Finnish biobank samples and data, including comprehensive neuroscience samples for both academic researchers as well as pharmaceutical and product development.

FinnGen is a public-private collaborative project. FinnGen brings together Finnish universities, hospitals and hospital districts, THL, Blood Service, biobanks and international pharmaceutical companies and hundreds of thousands of Finns. Project aims to improve human health through genetic research, and ultimately identify new therapeutic targets and diagnostics for treating numerous diseases.

In addition, Pharma Industry Finland brings together innovation-driven companies based in life science research and development, and promoted research in Finland.


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