FINBB The Finnish Biobank Cooperative

FINBB is a biobank cooperative owned by Finnish universities and university hospitals. All FINBB members are Finnish hospital biobanks. The aim of the cooperative is to create an internationally advanced biobank infrastructure in Finland.

FINBB is a centralized window for Finnish biobanks, both for academic researchers and for medical and product development in medical care.

Research and development is carried out in cooperation with companies in order to refine the research results into better treatments and medicines. Compensation earned from the use of public bio-banking materials, for example from the pharmaceutical industry, will be invested back into universities and regional hospital – and thus to Finnish society and taxpayers.

FINBB acts as an independent expert and trustee in the biobank industry in social decision-making. One of the tasks of the biobank cooperative is to support the activities of Finnish biobanks. This is done by unifying the work practices of biobanks, developing their tools, and simplifying processes.

The cooperative wants to raise Finnish citizens’ awareness of biobank research, its importance in the promotion of health, and the development of new therapies as well as to guarantee everyone the right to become a research patient. Biobanks are one of the cornerstones of Finland’s health growth strategy.

The Biobank Cooperative actively cooperates with the Genomic Center and the working groups that plan the Comprehensive Cancer Center and Neurocenter Finland.

Biobanks donate samples and information to high-quality research and development projects aimed at identifying the causes of illness and promoting public health.

Contact us

Marco Hautalahti

  • CEO
  • + 358 40 049 3613

Arho Virkki

  • MSc(Eng), PhD Principal IT Architect
  • +358 50 326 2869

Tom Southerington

  • Legal Affairs
  • +358 50 518 2767