University of Eastern Finland

Kuopio is a major center for neuroscience research and patient care for neurological diseases. The University’s brain research program focuses on the study of brain degeneration and epilepsy. Multidisciplinary research at UEF spans research at the molecular level to clinical research involving patients. Understanding the mechanisms of diseases is central to the development of new treatments.

Neuroscience is one of the strategic research areas defined by the University of Eastern Finland. The strengths of research at UEF include unique research cohorts, procedural and technical expertise in research methods, and a robust infrastructure.


Fundamental research primarily occurs in the A.I. Virtanen Institute and Biomedicine Unit.

The Clinical Research Center, on the other hand, provides a framework for population and patient research. The University’s expertise in neuroscience is complemented by robust training and research in pharmacology along with research into treatment efficacy.


In the Neuroscience Center of Kuopio University Hospital (KUH), multidisciplinary expertise in the neurosciences and exceptional patient care are combined with clinical research. Research at KUH also includes international collaboration, and cooperation with companies is a crucial component.


Brain diseases related to aging, such as Alzheimer’s disease and cerebrovascular diseases, are an ever-increasing challenge in both economic and human terms. New research methods have improved our understanding of brain structure and function. The availability of magnetic imaging, positron emission tomography, electronic measurements, biological markers, and molecular genetics have provided better tools for diagnostics. Research focusing on the underlying mechanisms of brain diseases in experimental settings is progressing steadily.


Modeling for brain mechanisms and bioinformatics play a major role in producing a comprehensive picture of brain function. Despite these advancements, many brain diseases are still awaiting research breakthroughs and treatments.


At the Kuopio UEF campus, a large number of researchers and health professionals work on these very questions. Last but not the least, we also train future professionals, young researchers who will have the resources and capabilities to discover new solutions for treating brain diseases in the future.