Comprehensive Cancer Center Finland (FICAN)

The establishment of the Comprehensive Cancer Center aims to improve cancer treatment and promote research.

Treatment practices change rapidly, and national-level guidance for cancer treatment is crucial to ensure equal access to services and to promote quality of care. The aim is also to curb the costs of cancer treatment by investing in cancer prevention, development of screening programs, rehabilitation, and controlled introduction of expensive treatments.

The aim of research is to develop an individualized and effective treatment for cancer, enhance the use of genomic information in diagnostics and treatment choices, and to promote patient access to clinical trials on an equal basis and without delay.

The Comprehensive Cancer Center aims to operate with a novel approach by helping to coordinate clinical cancer research and the appropriate use of resources for cancer treatment at the national level.

Pursuant to the Central Care Specialization Decree, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa is responsible for the national planning of cancer prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation as well as the coordination of various activities. These tasks are carried out regionally by university hospitals.

Developing the Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Cancer Center has been planned by the Comprehensive Cancer Center working group since 1.4.2016. The activities of the Comprehensive Cancer Center will begin in 2018 with the establishment of a Coordinating Unit.

The Comprehensive Cancer Center comprises five regional cancer centers that would coordinate activities in various regions, each of which in turn is formed by a university and the associated university hospital.


Team composition

STM has granted state funding to each of the five hospital districts with university hospitals for planning, launching, and implementing pilot projects for the regional cancer center.

The Comprehensive Cancer Center working group has set up a project team to prepare the establishment of regional centers and to support the creation of regional and national operating models.