Genom Center Finland

Genome Center Finland – Know your health.

Each of us has our own genetic heritage, called the genome. Our genome is like a library that contains a huge amount of information. Genomic data improves our understanding about ourselves and can also provide answers to many disease-related questions.

When used together, the population’s genomic information can realize its true value. For example, with genomic information, we can identify cancers and their causes in a better fashion. Moreover, choosing an individualized treatment is easier and drug side effects can be minimized.

The Genome Center manages the common genome database and assists in the responsible use of genome data. This is our common investment for the future, where we can manage our health better.

At the same time, the mission of the Genome Center is to ensure that this is done safely and securely, respecting privacy and protecting every individual’s information. The Genome Center is the special expert in genomics, and every person can decide for themselves whether they want their genomic information to contribute to the promotion of common health across society.

Together, we all benefit from the Genome Center.

Legislation for regulating the Genome Center is in progress.


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