Neurosciences in Finland

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Neuroscience in Finland

Research in neurosciences has a solid foundation in Finland. Finnish researchers and research groups as well as health care personnel are renowned for their reliable and high-caliber work.

Finns are a research-friendly people. The Finnish social security system and individual social security numbers ensure that the background information of the samplers is traceable yet secure.

The research infrastructure in Finland adheres to high international standard and is almost always accessible to diverse operators (researchers and companies at home and abroad). Finland also has high-quality national research registries.

High-class research and reliability come together in Finland.

Neurocenter Finland

Neurocenter Finland is a one-stop shop for research in neurosciences and product development. It facilitates innovations and development of new personalized healthcare.

A key objective is to create a structure of collaboration and platform for researchers and other stakeholders. Furthermore, it makes relevant information in neurosciences conveniently available.

What's new


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ERC Starting Grant 2018 grantees

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