For researchers

Finnish brain research is highly advanced and on par with international standards. A high-quality education system, excellence in technology, “research-friendly” citizens, and decades worth of register data are among the factors contributing to the success of Finnish brain research. Research can help us find solutions for promoting brain health, preventing brain diseases and improving the quality of life of people with brain diseases by means of rehabilitation, for example.

It is important to engage with an open mind in collaboration with other actors in the field to develop more efficient ways of addressing the burden to society caused by disorders of the brain. The existence of interdisciplinary and translational collaboration is becoming increasingly important for successfully applying for research funding from both national and foreign sources. Collaborating with academic support services, regional ecosystems for innovation and third parties enables putting research findings into practice and testing them, as well as their productisation into innovations that bring social benefits.

The mission of Neurocenter Finland will be to support the work of research scientists by assisting them with applications for funding and finding the right contacts. We help actors network with each other and, for our part, contribute to the creation of new collaboration models.