Health sector growth strategy: better therapies and economic growth on the horizon

The Health Sector Growth Strategy for Research and Innovation Activities was published in 2014. The Ministries of Economic Affairs and Employment, Social Affairs and Health and Education and Culture... Read more


FinnGen study participants invited for clinical examinations in a sub-project on Alzheimer’s disease

The first sub-project of the FinnGen study to invite participants for further clinical examinations will begin in eastern Finland. The project will explore methods that are suitable for investigating... Read more


Director of Neurocenter Finland has been appointed

Docent of Neurosurgery Mikael von und zu Fraunberg, MD, MSc (Tech), LLM, MSc (Econ. & Bus. Adm.), has been appointed as Director of Neurocenter Finland. Von und zu Fraunberg has served as... Read more


Neuroscientific clinical trials in Finland can now be found in one place

One of the main goals of the Neurocenter Finland for 2021 is to make research visible and enhance patient recruitment for clinical trials. To this end, a new search engine for clinical trials and a... Read more


Finnish Brain Council: a holistic approach to improve brain health

There is a need for a national, holistic brain health program, which can help to turn the peaking curve of brain disease costs downward. Brain diseases affect — directly or indirectly — nearly... Read more


The activities of Neurocenter Finland are gaining momentum 

The aim of the new national competence network is to increase cooperation between universities, hospitals, and the business worlds and to make Finnish neuroscience know-how visible internationally.... Read more


Laying the final brick in the neuroecosystem foundation of Northern Savo

In the Kuopio region, neuroscience co-operation has intensified, commercialisation models for innovations have been created and there has been a lot of deliberation in what the best ways are utilize... Read more


The blurred line between neurosciences and psychiatry

Psychiatry and other neurosciences have more to offer each other than you might think, according to the head of the SleepWell research program, which studies the mechanisms between sleep and... Read more


Neurocenter Finland is a key part of the growth strategy of Finnish health research and innovation

In December, the Finnish Government published their latest roadmap for Health Sector Growth Strategy for Research and Innovation Activities. Neurocenter Finland, which at the time of planning was... Read more