Funding is awarded to neuroscientists from various sources for conducting high-quality multifaceted brain research in Finland. The external funding is allocated to formulating the findings of research projects into practical solutions that benefit patients, such as new drug candidates or innovations. Research is funded on multiple levels, from doctoral students to professors, and the funds are allocated to all areas of brain research.

Research in neuroscience in Finland is funded by, for example, the Academy of Finland and various foundations. International funding is also available by application from various sources that include the European Union and the United States government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH). At the bottom of this page are current Finnish funding opportunities compiled from the Aurora database, as well as links to the websites of international providers of funding.


Domestic funding sources

Writers of doctoral dissertations may apply for funding from foundations. Foundations and information on funding opportunities can be found in the Aurora database. Researchers who have completed their dissertation should check out Postdocpooli, which contains a list of foundations whose funding is earmarked for research work carried out abroad.

The Academy of Finland primarily provides financial support for postdoctoral research work. Research is financed at three levels:

– Individual researchers at different stages of their career

– Research groups and projects

– Research environments

More details regarding the application periods and criteria are available on the Academy of Finland website at


International funding sources

The funding opportunities are not limited to research funding awarded inside Finland. Researchers can also apply for funding from various international sources. The European Commission awards a wide range of research grants and prizes. For current information on the Commission’s funding programmes and open calls, visit their website at

Horizon Europe (2021–2027) is an ambitious EUR 100 billion research and innovation programme that will succeed Horizon 2020. (

Other international funding is also available from various organisations and foundations. One of the most well-known global organisations in neuroscience is the International Brain Research Organisation (IBRO), which has supported neuroscience since 1961. The IBRO mission is to: develop, coordinate and promote scientific research in all fields concerning the brain; promote international collaboration and exchange of scientific information on brain research throughout the world; and, provide for and assist in education and dissemination of information relating to brain research.

The IBRO Grants Calendar can be found at:

The Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) mission is to advance research and education in neuroscience within and outside Europe, to facilitate interaction and coordination between its members. FENS also provides research funding opportunities:

The United States government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) supports all research. More information on NIH grants and funding for research can be found at:


Research-driven spin-offs and companies can apply for funding from the following sources:

Aurora funding opportunities

Continuous call