FINGENIOUS – your gateway to biospecimens and health data

FINGENIOUS – your gateway to biospecimens and health data

Undertaking biobank research is getting easier and faster. Through FINGENIOUSTM you can now reach all six Finnish hospital biobanks by completing just one feasibility and access request. FINGENIOUSTM helps both academics and businesses to investigate the availability of biobank samples and related data.

FINGENIOUSTM is a Finnish Biobank Cooperative (FINBB) service that allows researchers to approach all hospital biobanks using one access request. Participating are: Biobank of Eastern Finland, Auria Biobank, Helsinki Biobank, Biobank of Central Finland, Biobank Borealis and Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere.

The goal of FINGENIOUSTM is to make it simpler for the researcher to work, improve research and product development and enhance Finland’s competitiveness as a research environment. The standard of biobank research in Finland is exceptionally high, with a vast collection of samples and data.

With FINGENIOUSTM it is easy to keep track of how the research process is going and it is transparent. Researchers are able to follow how their project is proceeding in the biobanks in real-time.

Feasibility enquiries and access requests through the service are free of charge for the researcher. In feasibility requests which are exceptionally large, the costs will be estimated separately. Researchers will be able to get the estimation of total project costs during the FINGENIOUSTM feasibility report and access request process.

The service is available at or

  • You can reach all Finnish hospital biobanks and their data simultaneously
  • One access request is enough
  • Researchers will find the process faster and easier
  • Feasibility results covering all of Finland’s hospital biobanks within 2-3 weeks

You can get more information from or +358 17 173 311.