Marginum – A device developed by researchers can improve cancer surgery

Marginum Ltd is a medical technology company founded in 2020 at Kuopio. Marginum has initiated first-in-human clinical trials at Kuopio University Hospital with a device that assists in the... Read more


Adamant Health — A new service for evaluation of movement disorders

Adamant Health Ltd is a health technology company founded in 2020 and it has its roots in medical physics research at the University of Eastern Finland. The company has developed a new measurement... Read more


Business Finland granted Co-creation funding for e-FINGERS project, which aims to find new and sustainable solutions for early diagnostics of memory disorders

Business Finland has granted Co-creation funding for the University of Eastern Finland and the e-FINGERS project. The aim of the Co-creation phase is to build a network of collaborations between... Read more


Neurocenter Finland – the pathway to regional and national innovation ecosystems

Neurocenter Finland is an active player in national and regional innovation ecosystems. We promote boundary crossing partnerships, a culture of innovation, and the availability and usability of data... Read more


Brain health: promoting innovations

From scientific significance to social impact Over the past 10 years, innovation acceleration has climbed increasingly higher on the agendas of Finnish universities. Here to tell us about what is... Read more