Adamant Health — A new service for evaluation of movement disorders

Adamant Health — A new service for evaluation of movement disorders

Adamant Health Ltd is a health technology company founded in 2020 and it has its roots in medical physics research at the University of Eastern Finland. The company has developed a new measurement and analysis service to support evaluation of movement disorders, such as the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and myoclonus-epilepsies. Neurocenter Finland has supported the product development.

“Our goal is that this will become a known and trusted method to support the treatment planning and the development of new therapy methods”, says CEO Paulus Carpelan about the measurement and analysis service developed by Adamant Health Ltd. The service uses a wearable sensor to measure both the motion signal and the neuromuscular activity from the patient’s arm. The data is collected in the cloud, and based on the data analysis, an accurate report is produced on the occurrence and variation of movement disorders, such as tremor, stiffness, or muscle jerks, over several days. The analysis results can support the doctors and the companies developing therapy methods in the evaluation of symptoms and treatment effects.

When the medical device developed by Adamant Health analyses both the movement and the neuromuscular activity, the development of movement disorders can be better understood at the muscular level. The method helps in distinguishing different movement disorders from each other and from voluntary movements. This is essential for the utilization of the method. The service is based on technology studied by Saara Rissanen (Adjunct Professor of Medical Physics) and developed in the laboratory of Human Measurement and Analysis (HUMEA) at the University of Eastern Finland.

Adamant Health in close collaboration with Neurocenter Finland

“During the Business Finland funded Research to Business project, we participated actively in the activities and events of the regional and national health ecosystem”, says Saara Rissanen, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Adamant Health. In this context, the company got to know to Neurocenter Finland and its former Director, Mikael von und zu Fraunberg, who is now Professor of Neurosurgery and Chief Physician in Oulu. “Neurocenter Finland provided support for the building of cooperation between the company and the KUH Neurocentre and visibility towards funders and other university hospitals”, explains Fraunberg. “The role of Neurocenter Finland is to support the emergence, research and product development and commercialization of new innovations in brain health and brain diseases. We have been delighted to follow Adamant Health’s success steps along this path”, completes Eero Rissanen, current Director of Neurocenter Finland.

“Without the support and assistance from Neurocenter Finland since the early stages of Adamant Health, it would have been significantly more difficult to set up and build a business”, says Saara Rissanen. “Our company is active in the local Kuopio Health ecosystem and in the national New Modalities ecosystem and works closely together with the Kuopio Brain & Mind regional network and its operators. We are involved in promoting the possibilities of clinical brain health research in the UEF Brain Research Unit 2.0 ERDF project of the University of Eastern Finland when it is funded”, sums Paulus Carpelan. “We have now a service, on which we hope to receive user feedback from physicians and nurses treating patients and from companies developing new treatment methods to further develop our service.”

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