Neurocenter Finland – the pathway to regional and national innovation ecosystems

Neurocenter Finland – the pathway to regional and national innovation ecosystems

Neurocenter Finland is an active player in national and regional innovation ecosystems. We promote boundary crossing partnerships, a culture of innovation, and the availability and usability of data in neuroscience research.

The objective of Neurocenter Finland is to promote national and international research collaboration in neurosciences, thereby contributing to the emergence of innovations related to the promotion of brain health and the diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation of brain diseases. The long-term goal is better brain health to improve well-being of patients, and identify people at risk of brain diseases. This will lead to a significant reduction of health care costs related to brain diseases in Finland, a higher level and more effective scientific research, as well as new innovations and their successful commercialization.

A key part of promoting innovation from the perspective of Neurocenter Finland is to bring together regional and national actors to support innovation activities and to guide neuroscience researchers to the scope of services provided by these actors. Innovation ecosystems have been mapped by region in 2021 and 2022 — check out descriptions via our regional sites.


Innovation ecosystems by Brain & Mind regions

– Helsinki Brain & Mind: Health Innovation Ecosystem in The Helsinki Metropolitan Area 2021
– Kuopio Brain & Mind: Kuopio Health Ecosystem Map
– Oulu Brain & Mind: Health Ecosystem Map for Start-Ups, Oulu region
– Tampere Brain & Mind: Public Health Ecosystem Map, Tampere region
– Turku Brain & Mind: Health Ecosystem Map, Turku Business Region
– Jyväskylä Brain & Mind: currently in progress