Finnadvance’s organ-on-chip technology can be used to model human organ tissues

Oulu-based Finnadvance is developing organ-on-chip devices that have great potential in drug development. Experts from Neurocenter Finland have helped the company's path to growth. Organ-on-chip... Read more


Researcher, tailor, father, foodstuff chemist … researchers wear many hats | EEG cap

Sampsa Vanhatalo, leading researcher of the BABA Center and Professor in Clinical Neurophysiology, is a man of many talents. By the early 2000s, it had become necessary to obtain better measurement... Read more


From idea to innovation – it is a marathon, not a sprint | AiVoni Service

The AiVoni Service consists of a sensor solution implemented in cooperation with Suunto, the AiVoni mobile application, and a cloud service, wherein algorithms based on artificial intelligence... Read more