Electrical impedance tomography unlocks a real time view into the brains of stroke patients

The project brings together experts in neurology, mathematics and physics for the development of a clinical device to solve a recurring challenge in hospitals around the world. The Jane and Aatos... Read more


A pilot project for compilation of rare neurological diseases in a single national database

This project developed by Neurocenter Finland will create an electronic register for rare diseases in collaboration with three research groups. Experts in rare neurological diseases at North... Read more


Update on the Functional Brain Imaging Biobank Pilot Project

For many diseases of the brain, particularly various kinds of dementia, early-stage diagnosis is usually challenging because of the lack of accurate, objective diagnostic tools. To improve this... Read more


Happy World MS Day!

World MS Day is celebrated on 30.05. Pioneering interdisciplinary work on multiple sclerosis (MS) is being carried out in pilot project coordinated by Neurocenter Finland, which have brought together... Read more


In search of breakthrough knowledge for treatment of advanced brain tumors using artificial intelligence

In Finland, 900 brain tumors are diagnosed annually, in both children and adults. A brain tumor is a serious disease, but it can be treated, and the patient can survive. Researchers have been... Read more


A National patient register plays a key role in treatment monitoring and treatment for genetic motor neuron disease

The disease-specific diagnostics for Genetic Motor Neuron diseases (MND) have advanced a lot recently. Researchers Mari Auranen (Ph.D.) and Emil Ylikallio (Ph.D.) from Helsinki University Hospital... Read more


Why under 50-year-olds experience strokes – A study investigates the underlying reasons

Every year, 1.3 million people worldwide suffer a stroke before turning 50 years old. The younger the patient, the more unclear the reasons for the stroke are. The underlying cause is not always... Read more


AlzTrans challenges research groups with new kinds of cooperation | Alzheimer’s disease

The underlying objective of the AlzTrans project is to identify changes at cell level that are relevant to the inception and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. In autumn of 2018, at the... Read more