Neurocenter Finland’s Brain & Mind network promotes neuroscience research and research collaboration

Neurocenter Finland’s Brain & Mind network promotes neuroscience research and research collaboration

Neurocenter Finland promotes national and international neuroscience research collaborations and thus contributes to the emergence of innovations related to brain health and diseases.  Our aim is to promote brain health and reduce the costs of the brain diseases in Finland by facilitating scientific research and its translation to better diagnostics, treatments and their successful commercialization.

We will reach this goal via Neurocenter Finland formed by the Regional Brain & Mind networks located in 6 different cities in Finland. The coordinating unit of Neurocenter Finland is located in Kuopio at the University of Eastern Finland and it started its operations in 2021. The staff of the Neurocenter Finland consists of Director Eero Rissanen, Head of Services Kaisa Unkila and Coordinator Pirkko Kurvinen. In addition, each regional unit has their own regional persons in charge of Brain & Mind activities: Head of Development Anne Patana and Specialist Anni Kinnari (Helsinki Brain & Mind, started in 2018), Development Manager Saija Tarro (Turku Brain & Mind), Account Manager Sari Karppinen (Tampere Brain & Mind), Coordinator Sara Veistola (Jyväskylä Brain Brain & Mind, launched at the end of 2021), Regional Manager Anna Karjalainen (Kuopio Brain & Mind) and Regional Manager Irja Kärkkäinen (Oulu Brain & Mind).

The purpose of the regional Brain & Mind activities is to enhance multidisciplinary neuroscience research with technological advances, and increase cooperation between universities, hospitals, and business world taking into account regional priorities. Our national network of researchers consists of over 1,000 researchers and the network is described in the updated Neurocenter Finland Researcher Database.

The activities of Neurocenter Finland are guided by the national steering committee formed of representatives from its contracting organizations, chaired by Professor Reetta Kälviäinen from University of Eastern Finland.

Neurocenter Finland serves as a single point of contact between research and other stakeholders regionally, nationally, and internationally — Welcome to join us and build the ecosystem of Finnish neuroscience research with us!

In the picture, from left to right, are: Sari Karppinen – Tampere Brain & Mind, Anna Karjalainen – Kuopio Brain & Mind, Pirkko Kurvinen – coordinating unit, Anne Patana – Helsinki Brain & Mind, Reetta Kälviäinen – Chair of the Board, Eero Rissanen – coordinating unit, Kaisa Unkila – coordinating unit, Sara Veistola – Jyväskylä Brain & Mind.

Other personnel not in the picture: Anni Kinnari – Helsinki Brain & Mind, Irja Kärkkäinen – Oulu Brain & Mind and Saija Tarro – Turku Brain & Mind