6th Finnish Symposium on Biological Psychiatry

6th Finnish Symposium on Biological Psychiatry

When: 11 December, 2020  10:00-16:00
Venue: Zoom webinar

The symposium will include:

  • Keynote lecture by Michael Eriksen Benros (University of Copenhagen)
  • Invited lecture by Salli Antila (University of Helsinki and Wihuri Research Institute): ”Meningeal lymphatic vessels in the CNS function”

Small group discussion with experts:

  • William Hennah: Biomarkers in psychiatry
  • Leonard Khirug: Methods of in vivo imaging and electrophysiology in behaving animals
  • Anneli Kylliäinen: Autism spectrum disorders
  • Francesco Noe: Neuroimmunology
  • Hanna Ollilla: Genetics of sleep
  • Olli Pietiläinen: Genetics of schizophrenia


Short talks by young investigators, selected based on submitted abstracts.

Target audience: Students, postdocs and faculty working on human genetic and imaging studies in psychiatric diseases, mechanisms of psychiatric diseases, including functional, pharmacological and genetic analyses in model organisms, and related fields.

Credits (NEUBM-301): Students will receive 1 ECTS from attendance + submitting a 1 page essay on the scientific content of the symposium, or 2 ECTS by attendance + essay + short talk presentation.

Abstract submission deadline: 20.11.2020 
The deadline for registration without an abstract is November 27, 2020

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