7 T kick-off meeting

7 T kick-off meeting

Neurocenter Finland and Finnish Biomedical Imaging Node conducted a survey at the end of 2021 to map potential users and project types that would benefit the availability of a national-level, open-access 7 T human magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) facility in Finland. Now, we are organizing a kick-off meeting to bring together all the interested researchers, medical doctors, physicists, industrial representatives, stakeholders, and other individuals to hear and discuss about the current status of getting a 7 T MRI facility also in Finland, and to get future planning on the way.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, December 13 from 12-16, in Lumituuli auditorium, Dipoli, Espoo

Preliminary program

11:30-12:00  Registration
12:00-13:00  Lunch (free for pre-registered participants)

13:00-13:10  Opening words of the meeting (Eero Rissanen)
13:10-13:30  Background: 7 T survey in 2021 (Toni Auranen)
13:30-14:00  Experience and practices from the National 7 Tesla Facility in Lund, Sweden (Karin Markenroth Bloch)
14:00-14:30  Finnish biomedical imaging field: funding opportunities and future perspective on national level (Juhani Knuuti)

14:30-14:45  Coffee (free for pre-registered participants)

14:45-15:10  Experiences from Karolinska’s 7 T project and its clinical implications (Tobias Granberg, remote talk)
15:10-15:20  SIGNA 7.0T: Clinical and research capabilities (Rob Peters/GE, remote talk)
15:20-15:35  SIGNA 7.0T: Scientific discovery meets clinical translation (Brian Burns/GE, remote talk)
15:35-16:00  Open discussion and points from the audience (chaired by Toni Auranen)
16:00-16:15  Closing remarks and action points (Eero Rissanen)

Pre-registration is now closed (4.12.) but you may still join the meeting if you want to. Welcome!

(Please note that the lunch is reserved for the pre-registered participants.)

Background information

The report for the 7 T survey can be downloaded from: 7 T Survey in 2021 – Ultra-High Field MRI: Transition to Human 7 T in Finland (aalto.fi)

Further information

Toni Auranen, toni.auranen@aalto.fi, tel +358 50 344 2657


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