CP-seminar: From research to clinical practice

CP-seminar: From research to clinical practice

The cerebral palsy (CP) is heterogeneous developmental disorder with versatile motor deficits. The individualized mechanisms of the sensorimotor symptoms in CP are still largely unknown and challenging to diagnose accurately. Therefore, multidisciplinary mechanistic research has a lot to offer to clinicians to understand the condition and means to reach effective rehabilitation. In this CP-seminar we aim to build bridge between research and clinical practice to enhance the mutual understanding of the neurophysiology of CP and clinical practice.

Organizers: New Children’s Hospital of Helsinki University Hospital and Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, University of Jyväskylä
Date: Tue 8.11.2022

Main seminar at 10:00–16 in Niilo Hallman lecture room (Stenbäckinkatu 11, Meilahti, Helsinki)

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10:00-12:00 Seminar 1: Functional anatomy of the brain in CP (Chair: Harri Piitulainen)
10:00–10:20 Harri Piitulainen: Foreword—proprioception in CP
10:20–10:40 Timo Nurmi: Altered cortical excitation-inhibition balance impairs motor performance in CP (fMRI)
10:40–11:00 Jaakko Vallinoja: Proprioceptive cortical gating intact in CP? (MEG)
11:00–11:20 Julia Jaatela: Altered corpus callosum structure in adolescents with CP: Connection to gait and balance
11:20–11:40 Alessandra Giangrande: Development of a miniaturized and wireless system to detect EEG during gait in clinical and unconstrained environments
11:40–12:00 Maxwell Thurston: Effects of exosuit-assistance on gait in children with CP

12:00–13:20 Lunch: HUS restaurant

13:20-16:00 Seminar 2: Neuromuscular mechanisms and exercise rehabilitation in CP (Chair: Helena Mäenpää)
13:20–13:40 Helena Mäenpää: Foreword¬¬—Etiology of motor impairments in CP: how to rehabilitate?
13:40–14:00 Juha-Pekka Kulmala: Gait optimization strategies in CP
14:00–14:20 Mika Peltoniemi: To catch, or not to catch? Relationship between clinical spasticity measurements and ankle movement in walking and hopping
14:20–14:40 Simon Schless: Lower limb muscle synergy analyses during gait to provide a measure of dynamic motor control
14:40–15:00 Álvaro Sabater-Gárriz: Pain biomarkers in CP
15:00–15:20 Taija Juutinen (Finni): EXECP-study: Effects of a tailored exercise therapy intervention on physical capacity, gait and motor function of children and young adults with cerebral palsy
15:20–15:40 Francesco Cenni: Lower limb muscle remodeling in cerebral palsy
15:40–16:00 Pedro Valadao: A cross-sectional comparison of neuromechanical parameters between children and young adults with CP and typically developing controls

There is no participation fee.

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