Mini-Symposium ”Principles of Astrogliopathology”

Mini-Symposium ”Principles of Astrogliopathology”

Biomedicum (Haartmaninkatu 8, Helsinki), seminar room 3 and lecture hall 3 

Lecturers: A.Verkhratsky (Univ. Manchester), Y.Tong (Univ. Chengdu) and L.Khiroug (Univ. Helsinki)

Seminar Room 3
9:00 Introduction to the mini-symposium
9:15 A. Verkhratsky: Physiological functions of astroglia
10:00 Y. Tong: Purines and brain science
10:45 L. Khiroug: Imaging astroglial signaling in vivo

11:30 Lunch break

Lecture Room 3 
14:00 Neuroscience Seminar by A.Verkhratsky: Astroglia in ageing, neurodegeneration and psychiatric disorders

Seminar Room 3
15:30 Q&A session with the speakers
16:30 Closing remarks

Registration to the full mini-symposium:

(if you only plan to participate in the neuroscience seminar at 2 pm, you don’t need to register)