Smart Health for Europe

Smart Health for Europe

At the heart of Smart Health is delivering the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, that is faster, better and more personalized healthcare. But what are the prerequisites for Smart Health, and the benefits to the patients, the European healthcare systems and the societies?

Smart Health is not here yet. A functioning, collaborative Smart Health ecosystem could create not only more health but also more economic wellbeing for our continent.

Smart Health for Europe offers health system decision makers a platform to explore the future health ecosystems.

Topics: Shaping the future

The topics of the event are related to shaping the future of healthcare:

  • Roadmap of Smart Health
  • Benchmarking examples
  • Discussion on fair and beneficial use and governance of health data
  • Data-driven medicine and healthcare management
  • Innovative concepts and new approaches to health sector and its business models

Smart Health community – welcome!

Smart Health stakeholders are warmly welcome to join the event and network with fellow scientists, healthcare leaders and decision makers, members of the Finnish and the European parliaments, biobanks and national centers of excellence, civil servants, MedTech, HealthTech and pharmaceuticals industry, and European and local innovators and investors.

The event will be streamed online.

Why Helsinki?

Current development in healthcare builds on technology and data, but these are not enough to reach Smart Health goals. Finland showcases a pioneering combination:

  • Health data legislation and governance
  • Strategic focus on the health sector growth and development
  • Research and development environment
  • A booming start up scene
  • Citizens who trust the healthcare system and are willing to contribute

The Finnish EU Presidency 2019 is the time to start creation of a Smart Health roadmap. During the coming years, Europe has the potential to move towards a world leading position in digital healthcare and precision medicine driven healthcare and health systems.