UEF: NEURO Research Community Seminar and Networking event

UEF: NEURO Research Community Seminar and Networking event

Recently appointed new members of NEURO research community at the University of Eastern Finland, will introduce their research on 29 November, 2022 at 1-3 pm.

#WeAreNEURORC Networking Seminar is open to everyone and provides an excellent opportunity for networking between multidisciplinary researchers and other actors. Coffee will be served.

The following new members will give presentations at the seminar:
Academy Research Fellow Baran Aydogan: Diffusion MRI based fiber tractography: Challenges and good practices.
Research Director Sami Heikkinen: Comparative genomics and regulatory variants.
Associate Professor Tero Montonen: The what and why of Neuro-Impact and Innovation.
University Researcher Juzoh Umemori: Genetic manipulation of neural plasticity for ameliorating symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases.


Deadline for registration is Tuesday 22 November. After the registration, you can use the Zoom meeting link.


For more information, please contact Eeva Aromaa, email eeva.aromaa@uef.fi (until 31 October) or Anna Karjalainen, email anna.karjalainen@uef.fi (from 1 November onwards).

More information and registration by 22.11.