UEF Neuro Research Community: What is Preclinical Neuroscience Research?

UEF Neuro Research Community: What is Preclinical Neuroscience Research?

UEF Neuro Research Community Seminar: What is preclinical neuroscience research?


Welcome: Katja Kanninen

Session 1: Genetic, molecular and cellular neuroscience 

Mikko Hiltunen, Professor: Microglial regulatory networks in Alzheimer’s disease – genetic and functional approach

Noora Puhakka, Assistant Professor: Unveiling the role of transfer RNAs in brain diseases

Annakaisa Haapasalo, Research Director: Molecular basis of frontotemporal dementia

Session 2: Preclinical studies using patient-derived cell models

Riikka Martikainen, Research Director: Stem cell derived models for mitochondrial diseases

Tarja Malm, Professor: Models and mechanisms of microglia-neuron interaction

Sarka Lehtonen, Group Leader: Human cell-based models to study neurological diseases and develop modifying therapies

Katja Kanninen, Associate Professor: The Nose as a Window to the Brain – a Direct Path for Harmful Environmental Substances?

Coffee break

Anna Karjalainen, Regional Manager: Getting familiar with Kuopio Brain & Mind

Session 3: Preclinical animal studies and brain imaging approaches

Nanxiang Jin, Senior Researcher: Sleep-related epileptic spiking in Alzheimer’s disease, significance and treatment options

Alejandra Sierra Lopez, Research Director: Multiscale imaging of the brain

Mikko Kettunen, Research Director: Metabolic MRI

Olli Gröhn, Professor: Novel preclinical fMRI approaches: from anesthetized to behaving animals

Mikko Hiltunen, Professor: Closing words

For more information, please contact Associate Professor Katja Kanninen, email katja.kanninen@uef.fi.

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