UEF: SBBN-symposium 2023

UEF: SBBN-symposium 2023

We are happy to announce that we are organizing 5th Scandinavian Blood-brain Barrier Network (SBBN) symposium as a joint Ph.D. course for students in Doctoral Programmes in Drug Research (DPDR; School of Pharmacy) and in Molecular Medicine (DPMM; AIV Institute) at the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio in Thursday and Friday 19-20.1.2023:

Brain Drug Delivery Methods & Models to Study Brain Diseases

This joint symposium/Ph.D. course is intended for a wide audience of Ph.D. students, but also postdocs, senior scientists and other researchers working in the field of brain diseases and/or brain drug delivery technologies either in the academia or industry. In this symposium, several keynote speakers are invited to discuss of their recent achievements, but the event also gives an opportunity for the Ph.D. students to present their results.

The deadline for registrations is 16th of December, 2022.

More information and registration