University of Helsinki: Mind and Matter Talks 2022

University of Helsinki: Mind and Matter Talks 2022

You are warmly invited to Mind and Matter Talks, an online seminar hosted by the Mind and Matter research area at the University of Helsinki. Mind and Matter Talks invites renowned scholars with fresh insights into the themes of information, intelligence, and consciousness to share their research in conversation with UH researchers.

Please find the autumn 2022 programme below and check out the Mind and Matter Talks page for more information about the speakers and the topics. Note that PhD students can gain credits by attending the talks and writing about them (HYMY-911).

Time: selected Fridays from 14:00 to 15:30.

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  • 21 October – Anil Seth (University of Sussex):
    Being You – A New Science of Consciousness
  • 4 November – Fernando E. Rosas (Imperial College London):
    On the emergence of human cognition and consciousness: opportunities and challenges
  • 18 November – Laura Batterink (Western University):
    Learning language without trying: Probing the brain’s ability to extract linguistic patterns outside of awareness
  • 2 December – Philip Goff (Durham University) and Keith Frankish (University of Sheffield):
    All of Nothing: Why illusionism and panpsychism may be the only options on consciousness

Best wishes,

Tuuli Tahko

Research Coordinator
Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki | +358 50 556 0313


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